Kate Argent: My two Cents

I keep seeing posts where people say, “But Kate Argent honestly believed she was acting for the greater good!” Or “Kate just had really strong convictions, and even though they were misguided, the fact that she had convictions is admirable!”


Sexist politicans “believe” that girls should have their clothing and their bodies policed because of how detrimental their bodies/choices might be to the men around them and then insist that their pro-rape-culture policies are “for the greater good.”

Parents who beat their kids tell themselves “I’m just being reasonably strict” and “it’s for their own good.”

During the Inquisition, priests “believed” that any woman in a position of power was a witch, and tortured midwives and pagan priestesses to “save” them, and then killed them “for the greater good” of their patriarchal society.

Homophobes “believe” that gay marriage is corrupting the youth and destroying the stability of the American family and that it must be stopped “for the greater good.”

Black people were given segregated bathrooms because the white patriarchy “believed” that they would spread diseases and even had “science” to back up their “convictions.”


Kate Argent victimized a teenaged boy and then told herself that her actions were good and right because he was less than human.

This is predator logic. It doesn’t matter who is being victimized, predators always tell themselves that their victims are less than human, and that therefore anything done to their victims is justifiable, or that they are acting for the victim’s own good, or for the good of society.

Predators “believe” because it is convenient, because it flatters their egos, because it justifies their sins.

Kate Argent’s “beliefs” and “convictions” are a steaming pile of bullshit. People in this fandom need to stop covering that bullshit in whipped cream and sprinkles and calling it a sundae.

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    Thiiiiiiissssssss. Just flip it around, and imagine if Kate was male and Derek was female. So a guy in his late twenties...
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    Kate Argent is the fucking devil and I will never understand how anyone can defend her. Dude, she burn them alive. SHe...
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